We hosted another meetup
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Yesterday we hosted another meetup for the Copenhagen Clojure Meetup group. Our second time this year. We had a record 14 participant onsite!

Kurt presented his experience with Tauri development using ClojureScript for building a desktop app, and Martin J. talked about his experience with Typed Clojure (which now has 2 serious users).

Many of the participants yesterday were first-timers, and hopefully they’ll join us next time again. I’m also thinking that perhaps we should arrange a meetup someday, specifically for people without any previous experience with Clojure/LISP/functional programming.

Clojure is in the LISP family of functional programming languages. And according to Alan Kay; “Lisp isn’t a language, it’s a building material.”. After more than 10 years of hacking with Clojure, I couldn’t agree more.

Our next meetup is scheduled for the 20th of October, once again at our office in Lyngby.