Message Brokering and Event Driven Architecture on Azure Serverless

In this talk on Azure Thursday, I demonstrated how simple it is to implement message brokering and publish/subscribe pattern, on Azure serverless offerings. 

If you’re building highly distributed systems, then you’re probably aware of the challenges of keeping your data consistent and your services resilient and scalable. Connecting different parts of your systems via messages or events, is a common solution to this problem. But selecting the correct architecture with the right tech stack, can be tricky as there are several products to choose from. 

Understanding the difference between Azure Queues, Service Bus and Event Grid can be helpful in implementing the correct solution to your specific problems. Assuming that Azure queues are only for simple scenarios and everything that is non-trivial require a service bus, is wrong. Same goes for using Event Grid only to subscribe to any operational activities on Azure resources. 

To learn more about when to use which service, and how to implement different queueing mechanisms in Azure functions, then catch my session here: