Clojure Meetup: Open Source Licences for Developers
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Martin presents Open Source Licenses for Developers

Yesterday – Thursday the 9th – we hosted a yet another Copenhagen Clojure Meetup.

The main topic of the meetup was Open Source Licenses, and the speaker was Martin Clausen – legal council, startup founder and Clojure fan.

Martin took us through the different types of Open Source licenses, basically grouped into either Permissive or Copyleft. Advice on which license to choose when (hint: Permissive: Apache V2 or Copyleft: one of the GPLs).

Martin did the same presentation for the London Clojurians meetup group in January. The presentation was recorded, and is available here:

The discussion was lively around the table between the 15 participants. So lively that we didn’t even get to the secondary topic on Clerk.

After the interesting discussion, we went out eating burgers and having a few drinks as usual. Nice discussions around this table as well.

Already looking forward to the next meetup!