Beyond UX

Beauty, as it turns out, is in the eye of the User Experience designer; and when you’ve been creating a thing of beauty for over twenty years, your eyes become sharp as the last pixel that cuts the corner of a jagged input box.

Nothing escapes Elldell. Our head UX designer & customer success lead is not someone to mess with. He may be the master of cool demeanour and friendly banter, but we suggest that you take his requests seriously at work.

If Elldell says that the space around the table cells is off by 1px, fix it. Or else, you’d get a smile and a soft pat on the back – a sympathetic gesture that could also be translated to: ‘please stick to the design, thank you’.

At Dewise, design rules. If it didn’t, we’d be out of business. When Elldell decided to join us seven years ago as our #5, our company transformed from being just software developers to creators of useful and lovable products.

Elldell pushes our customers’ vision into execution, turns vague ideas into tangible visuals, and distils thoughts into a canvas of possibilities. With this, we combine sensible algorithms with art, the key elements of any great application that people enjoy using.

There’s a third element to Elldell’s work that you can’t see, but only feel: Empathy. It’s his true superpower. Elldell sincerely cares for people – users and developers alike. He listens with intention. He invests his time to understanding your motivations, irks and weaknesses. He makes you feel included and heard, even comforted. Then, he anchors his design around what you value, and always according to his principle: that people’s experience is paramount.

Our team feels his care. Our customers experience it. Caring is creating a product that elevates, not impedes. Caring is also asking a developer if it can be done. There are many creative UX professionals in our industry, but Elldell’s role at Dewise is beyond creativity. For us and our customers, he’s a leader that unifies our collective skills so we can complete a great technical product designed for humans.

Through his craft, Elldell connects us with the people whose lives are impacted by the code that we assemble. He connects us with each other, as a team, so we can build wonderful tools that help businesses and communities fulfil their purpose. He connects us with ourselves, so we too can discover our innate ability to create a thing of beauty.

Elldell literally shines the light over our dreams. With him, Dewise can see its mission in high fidelity.